About us

We manufacture and deliver top quality drinking straws, being specialised in Polypropylene extrusion since 1994.

Why us?

Since its foundation in 1994, Korplast is specialized in Polypropylene (PP) extrusion and is committed to top quality drinking straws production. Having mastered the process of extrusion, our capabilities have quadrupled the last 5 years, giving us the ability to produce a wider range of products, as well as serve more than 800 loyal clients.

Activated in both the domestic and European market, Korplast follows an exponential growth pattern, aiming to supply professionals with products of high standards, stemming from our state-of-art machinery, the pure raw materials used, as well as our personnel’s know how and experience.

Our main target market, includes catering and bar equipment suppliers, packaging and disposables wholesalers, as well as food and equipment retailers. Regardless the quantities needed, we are here to provide you with a stable supplier base.

Prioritizing our clients’ needs, we offer a wide range of drinking straws configurations, dimensions, packaging formats and colors, included in more than 190 different product codes which are constantly increasing, following the customization needs of our partners, as well as the current market trends.

Product quality

Considering quality our absolute priority, Korplast has founded long term partnerships with top suppliers of pure Polyprolylene(PP), masterbatch, as well as packaging materials. Our products follow international standards of production management and are certified with TÜV ISO 22000:2005. Furthermore, frequent chemical controls, confirm the non-toxicity and durability of both raw materials and final products.

Our partners

We work close with our partners to provide professional services


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Recognizing our responsibility towards a sustainable business development, we develop and maintain a series of activities, to protect our human assets and our surroundings.

For the people

Regarding our employees, in Korplast we strongly believe that our people are the catalyst to our development. To retain that competitive advantage and foster the evolution of their knowledge and capabilities, we provide a secure and modern working environment as well as fair working conditions, by:

  • Complying fully with the national and European Health and Safety standards to secure and maintain secure working conditions of a high level
  • Supporting and participating in developing programs that foster young employees and interns.

For the environment

Regarding the environmental impact of our operations, we consider the proactive minimisation of all consequenses of our activity as part of our strategy. Therefore, taking into consideration the full life cycle of our products, from procurement to manufacturing to delivery and consumption, in Korplast we:

  • Cooperate only with suppliers that follow environmentally sustainable practices, that fully comply with the relative Greek and European legislation.
  • Produce 100% recyclable plastic drinking straws
  • Minimize the energy used during operations, as well as the solid waste, air and noise pollution stemming from operations, through proper configuration of machinery and equipment

Financial Information

Our company’s balance sheets over the last years

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