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The raw material

The Polypropylene(PP) is a linear hydrocarbon polymer, expressed as CnH2n. As one of the thermoplastics, it is derived from cracking naphtha, a fraction of crude oil. It was chemically produced for the first time in Spain in 1954 and is widely commercialized since 1957 in numerous sectors, such as plastic products manufacturing, automotive, sailing and mechanical components, medical equipment, clothing, as well as films, tapes and all versions of packaging materials. PP shows excellent resistance in temperature, fatigue, acids and alcohol, while maintaining low density, stability in low temperatures and low moisture absorbance.

Korplast solely chooses Hellenic Petroleum SA as its PP supplier, in order to acquire pure and high quality material, that is not pre-processed or recycled.

Areti KornelakiThe raw material
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